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Israel’s Five Trillion Dollar Secret

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You might find the following statistics about the biography of Ambassador Lee/Leo Emil Wanta, Americans: Wanta Be Free, of interest. According to Internet statistics, Lee Wanta’s biography has been read by 61,654 people in 113 nations worldwide!
The book can be found (at no cost to readers) at: . Amazing statistics for a first ever publication event – the writing of one chapter per week published on the Internet with live links to documents that prove what’s being said in the book is true. No one has ever done that before! It is not the best written book in the world… that admission from the person who wrote it. In addition to writing one chapter per week, I was also identifying documents to use (from the thousands available – finding the best usable document was not always easy because sometimes the best document couldn’t be used due to confidentiality or was unusable for some other reason), formatting and numbering the documents to get them to Teri (who had to reformat them for her Web page), then doing a three-hour weekly radio show about the new chapter each week (Thursday Night With Marilyn), etc. The chapters are long, complex, and required a great deal of research. There was no time to edit or rewrite my original text – and as every writer will tell you, the quality of an author’s writing comes from the opportunity to edit and rewrite. Hopefully, the Second Edition which I am now writing for publication on Kindle ( and Nest (Barnes & Noble) and for the audio version will correct any lapse in the quality of the writing. Regardless, the book presents the facts – and that, it appears, is what the world hungers for: Facts.
These numbers are rather astounding considering that the book, Americans: Wanta Be Free, got no advertising and that the radio show was a Blog Talk production which was totally new and unknown to the general public at the time the book went into production. Amazing! The numbers also evidence that the story of Ambassador Lee/Leo Emil Wanta is a hot topic around the world and not just in the United States. God bless Lee Wanta and every American owes this Patriot a debt of gratitude! Hopefully, even more people will be made aware of the $27.5 trillion man – President Reagan’s Personal Intelligence Coordinator – and his exploits on behalf of the American people from the inquiries (3 so far) about purchasing film rights to the book. It’s time the world learned of the abuses heaped on this man’s head by the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue, the Wisconsin Court System, and intelligence agencies of the United States Government which stole Wanta’s funds, intended by him and by President Reagan to pay the obscene debt now dragging America over an economic cliff!
Thanks to everyone who made this venture so highly successful (especially readers)! Thanks to Teri and Paul for suggesting to me that we publish Americans: Wanta Be Free in a way that had never been tried before, especially to Teri for all of her very hard work in formatting the links and for getting readers and listeners by making sure it was known to Facebook participants and others involved in the Social Media. Teri spent an unbelievable number of hours working on this project! And thanks to Susan, a person so well-versed in world economic and currency issues that when she called in one night to ask a question, I recruited her to become the host of Thursday Night With Marilyn… fabulous job! The biggest thanks, of course, goes to Lee Wanta who spent untold hours reading what I wrote for accuracy before I would allow it to be published. Lee also did two radio interviews on Thursday Night With Marilyn. Every time he does a public interview, he places himself in danger and his willingness to do so in order that the American public can be informed is greatly appreciated – and respected by all… especially by me. The character of a great man shines a light for the world, giving all of us an example to follow!
Marilyn B.

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This Video is Banned by FaceBook… WHY?


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