DONT FEAR OUR MILITARY: Politicians, Maybe…. Military, No

DONT FEAR OUR MILITARY: Politicians, Maybe…. Military, No

Published on Jul 27, 2014

General Charles Jacoby, NORAD / NORTHCOM Commander was VERY forthcoming in his interview at the Aspen Security Conference…. full video here:



While I DO believe there are people (such as many persons in the current Administration) that are inherently bad, I can not stand behind the theory of complete “Martial Law.” First, it serves no purpose. Second, it would be nearly impossible to do as an “armed nation.” But most importantly, there is no desire, or will, of our Military to take such actions. In my personal contacts and discussions with active military personnel, NONE have ever come close to confirming the claim that there will be a “military takeover” in the United States…. further, most (the vast majority) do take their OATHS seriously, to “…. support and defend the Constitution of the United States…against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic… and will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”

General Jacoby, merely solidified what I had already known…. but it was good to hear a “working General” describe what the role of the DoD is and their role, in detail. Nothing in his responses indicates any deception, and clearly, he appears to be stating the truth to the best of his abilities. Some may disagree, but, this is an area that I personally excel at, and there are NO SIGNS of deception in his responses. I believe he is stating everything at face value.




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