We are in need of readers support . We believe that the work in progress of the Lee Wanta book is one of the most important literary pieces of the decade.

Your donations will go towards:

Site Maintenance and Content Creation.
Seo research and optimisation to help generate traffic to the site.We need Google and Bing to find our web pages in high ranking results.
Other projects such as videos and supporting downloads for the books.
Beer for the tech guys that if they don’t get something for their mostly volunteer efforts are going to get depressed.
Site development so we can make everything as easily accessable as possible.
Any services we must retain that are outsourced to third party companies ( they definately gonna want moolah).
Keeping the site: advertising free We want to give the readers a no hassle viewing experience and don’t want to resort to having ad supported web pages.

Please help up to spread the word about Lee Wanta and other incredibly important news of the current times

  1. “Beer for the tech guys that if they don’t get something for their mostly volunteer efforts are going to get depressed and suicidal!”

    I would donate for this reason alone. One, I’m a tech guy myself. Two, the days I was a head roadie in a band, while in college, I paid my assistants in beer. It worked quite well. I’m not in the position to donate at this moment, but hope to, come sometime in January. This is a most paramount endeavor, and I want to see it through, and will contribute best I can, when I can.

  2. Can you please clarify what is meant by “Seo research?” Is this a mistype, or am I and others missing something?

  3. Seo = search engine optimization


  4. Ah! Thank you very much Teri. Learn something new everyday…

  5. So glad to have found this site today through Heneghan’s site. How many chapters will be in the book when it is completed? And I hope there will be an Index, as with all this information, it would really be needed for future references. Thank you.

  6. Sweet site , super pattern , rattling clean and use friendly .

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