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Carole Jean (C.J.) Williams

Carole Jean (C.J.) Williams will be laid to rest Tuesday, January 29, 2013  in her much beloved Upper Peninsula (UP) in Michigan.  A good friend published one of C.J.’s articles – Old Dog – and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  C.J. needs no one to write beautiful words about her in death because she wrote so many of them in life for all of us… those words tell us not only about her, but about the downward-spiraling society (plural for around the world) in which we live.  Thanks to Jim/Old Dog (at A Nation Beguiled — and my dear friend, Bob Bidwell, for sending this reminder of how uplifting words of truth can be!



Carole “CJ” Williams

Before sitting down to thump away on the old keyboard, I  reflected CJon many facts learned that lend credence to the hornet’s nest I uncovered a few years ago. What I stumbled upon then was preposterous, too outrageous to be true, but the facts keep hitting me right between the eyes, and the sad truth is that there really is a United Nations’ Agenda 21, a nasty old plan for the 21st century that will remake us into cloned, mindless worker have-nots. There really is a Wildlands Project to turn our country into a nation of sniveling and beggarly, Mother Nature worshiping Sheeple, apathetically willing to bow to the dictates of elite Fascists running the New World Order.

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